For a very long time i was living with the darkness
I was sad, I was desperate
I need somebody to show me what it’s like to be in out of the dark
then you came into my life
you take it, you turn it all around, you were my light
oh, it was so great, so wonderful.
But know, now its over.
In matrix they’ve said: „Everything that has a begining, has an end.“
the script writer have one big point from me, it’s damn true.
Now, the darkness covers me again, deny everything,
you slowly walk away, and i have to learn to breathe again on my own.
Right now I think about death, is really death the only way out?
For some poeple, yes. For me? Hell NO!
It’s better to live in darkness, than be death.
Now you think, that man is crazy. I’m sayin‘, maybe, maybe not.
But I’m asking you, it’s better to live in darkness without a heart,
or live with heart wide open, when everyone could hurt you?
For me right now?It’s better to live in darkness with my heart shut.
Noone can hurt me, cause me pain.
Most people around me are happy. I’m jealous.
Why can I be happy, live in light, without any problems.
It will happen, i believe it, time is a strong doctor and can fix everything,
one day i will wake up, and realise that I’m ready to open my heart again.
This is the cycle of life!!
When darkness falls
we are reborn
a dream since the fall of man
we ARE reborn!

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O PassioN

Misery and pain are the only ways to be a human being. Myslím, že táto veta hovorí za všetko tak načo písať viac.

9 Responses to Darkness

  1. Filthy Thoughts povedal:

    …hope, the f@@@@@@ b@@@, always dies at the complete end, so walk straight, with your eyes focused up in the sky… and you will see it, you will sense it swirling around your head, but never really in your heart…
    Morpheus: ‚Welcome to the real world.‘

  2. lennelka povedal:

    pjekne 🙂 ….

  3. PassioN povedal:

    yeah, f@@@@@@ b@@@ to prve f som poxopil, len to b mi akosi nejde ho hlavy ze co to je

  4. Filthy Thoughts povedal:

    no, preklep, ma byt b@@@@: My krizovkari berieme ch ako jedno pismeno 😀 Ale no, nechajme to :-s

  5. Fucking Bitch povedal:

    Niekto ma spomínal?

  6. PassioN povedal:

    jaj jasne:) zato mi to neslo do hlavy ze co to je:) som nad fselicim rozmyslal ale bea(i)tx ma fakticky ennapadlo :)))

  7. annirkaj povedal:

    velmi sa mi to pacilo. 🙂 mam pre teba taky navrh, keby si to xcel aj publikovat v 1 casopise…

  8. PassioN povedal:

    annirkaj, mno v pohodicke, preco nie, o aky casopis ide?

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