My world

I wish to percieve the world through the shadows of scared people. To follow them at the heels.

To see the horror in their eyes everytime they look at me.

I want them to hate me.

I want them to love me through the scare I am evoking in them. I want to be my own shade.

To look without a word on the figure with a cap, floating through the night streets of The City.

To be its e x t e n d e d thought, never pronounced. Thought of dread. The Doomsday thought of the normality of the world.


I deprecate. I do not want to end up like a thousands of nameless faces, laughing within the days suffused by sunshine.

It keeps on raining.

Please let it rain.

I have not seen thunderbolts
for a long time.

I have not heard the divine music of the thunders
for a long time.

I want noise only to soften it in just one thought of an evening.

I want to be myself, irrespective to what it amounts. I want to…

I want to find my way through the darkness.

Pridané dňa od filo
Tento obsah bol zaradený v Ars poetica. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.

O filo


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