Life vs. Death

I’m sitting in my room
with a gun in my hand
waiting for my doom
voices swimming through my head
they’re telling me not to wake up
come here my dear..
suck my blood like a vampire
till there’s nothing left in my veins
I love you
I hate you
I’ll kill you
my mind is pure
my heart is evil
she’s sorrounding me
mother death
she’s taking everyone without any doubt
you’re black, you’re dead
you’re white, you’re dead
Only purpose of life, is the ending of it
we don’t live to eat, we eat to live
we live to die
live your life
live your death
nobody can protect us when we are facing death
child is born, mother’s crying, father’s asking
Can i bring up my child?
I’ll be with it from cradle to the grave
but the after-effects of my behavior?
Will I have enough money for the education?
„chillout man, everything’s gonna be alright“
„all you need is a bottle“
„and you don’t need no friends“
„take your drug you slut“
„AIDS, HIV, cancer, drugs but most ignorance, intolerance is causing this
but you know Ignorance is bliss.
This is your reality!
This is our reality!
And this reality is just a really fucked up dream
so wake up, do something about it
relieve the world
have no problems
have no children
have no happiness
just DIE like a rat
alone, dirty, malodorous
in a canal
Life vs. Death
here is your show winner! DEATH!

Pridané dňa od PassioN
Tento obsah bol zaradený v Ars poetica. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.

O PassioN

Misery and pain are the only ways to be a human being. Myslím, že táto veta hovorí za všetko tak načo písať viac.

One Response to Life vs. Death

  1. Gnaag povedal:

    This time I cannot agree, but I have no power to argue. So you can without any opposition think you do have your own truth, cause I am not able to change your way of thinking…

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