Thin line

there is a thin line between several things
such as friendship & love
good & evil
love & anger
everytime when you cross this line, there’s no way back
when you decide to open your heart
you become weak and vulnerable.
you can’t see real world, real people.
the only thing you see is the person that you love
and this person can love you or like you
between like & love is a thin line also
you like your friends, but you love your lover.
when you realise that your lover like you you feel chaos
why did it happened? did i do something wrong?
is something wrong with me?
then you feel pain and deception
after that anger is on it’s way to your soul
it sink your heart into the black river.
you swim and swim and swim, but you start to drown
black river has you and it won’t let you be.
when you are totally desperate, a person grab your hand and pull you out
person called friend.
friend will help you, without any payback.
the paradox is, that friend could be your ex-lover.
but for you it’s hard, you ask one question again and again.
How can someone that i used to love be my friend?
By answering this question you can live your life without pain.
Tha answer is simple, get rid of the past, burry it in the deepest corner in your heart.
if you don’t like this way you will live in pain.
if you wanna scream, scream.
if you wanna fight someone, fight someone.
if you wanna cry, cry.
but remember one thing.
No one deserves your tears, the one that deserves them will never make you cry.

Pridané dňa od PassioN
Tento obsah bol zaradený v Ars poetica. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.

O PassioN

Misery and pain are the only ways to be a human being. Myslím, že táto veta hovorí za všetko tak načo písať viac.

3 Responses to Thin line

  1. Filthy Thoughts povedal:

    Poor man of misery and pain, someone must have really hurt you… Ta skore zacelenie sramov na dusi prajem.

  2. heh povedal:

    co to je „burry“ ???

  3. PassioN povedal:

    bury tam malo byt, preklep, znamena pochovať

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