A butterfly sat on my face

In his wings- entire space

He sat there for just a while

I didn’t even walk a mile

At a glance I saw him die

It made wanna really cry

So I cried and cried and cried

I didn’t think about my pride

The sweet lil’ fella’s dead

Now I have just my own head

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2 Responses to Butterfly

  1. Padrino povedal:

    As i walked throught the street,
    I heard something smasched under my feet.
    I looked down to see what i did
    and its a butterfly what i have hit.
    I felt bad and i started to cry,
    never stopped askin „Why, oh why“
    I went to flat after that crime
    and saw on ghetto this beautiful rhyme,
    Of course it took some horrible time
    to write this rhyme of butterfly crime
    not as yours, but still a rhyme…

  2. Gnaag povedal:

    One head do not argue…

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