what can one do?
one can do just nothing
has one anything to do?
finds one a purpose of what’s happening…

if there’s a purpose
if there’s an aim
which to try to reach too hard
makes a sense
what if there ain’t
what if there no sense no aim
what if we just doing nothing
what if we just struggling through
the life of ours meaning nothing
tell me
what should i really do???

where heading am i???
is there a reason to stay alive?
living a life without a sense
is it to make a difference within a glance
of the goal?
is there any?
is there really a goal that many
of us are to fail to reach?

i would love to find
find a purpose
find the right
find the purpose which is right
if there’s a purpose
if there is one that is right

Pridané dňa od uncle Walt
Tento obsah bol zaradený v Ars poetica. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.

2 Responses to Purpose

  1. Gnaag povedal:

    I hope too, that there is at least one reason for living. Sometimes life really pushes you through the plain of despair, but hope cannot be killed so easily. Keep it, love it, make it your best friend and you have reached the sense of life.

  2. uncle Walt povedal:

    some time ago
    i thought that though
    it’d be great to find a sence
    not looking for it
    might be a better mens
    so than i thought that the meaning
    meaning of life might be
    not looking for that meaning
    yes, thats what i thought it might be

    these days i guess
    meaning might consist of even less
    less words than the previous
    the current meaning of my life despite the mess
    is the life itself i guess

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